Angliss Discovery Culinary Tournament Asia 2017

With a tournament theme of ‘Five-Dimensional Creative Cooking’, the thrilling Culinary Tournament 2017 took place earlier on the day of Angliss Discovery 2017 at the InterContinental Ballroom.

With its culinary competitions Angliss aims to provide a platform for professional chefs from various regions to demonstrate their creativity and skills as well as sharing experiences.

Eight contestants from Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou were invited to enter the competition this year. They had to each prepare one appetiser and one main course in line with the theme of the event, within two hours, choosing from supplied ingredients that included Clearwater live lobster, La Petit Gourmet quail, Hokkaido scallops, Urgasa baby chicken, Pure South lamb hind shanks and Savory Choice shoulder blade collar, and also a list of complementary ingredients.

Overall champion and also winner with best appetiser and main dish, and a combined prize of US$5,000, was Steve Yuen of Hong Kong. He produced a wonderful pan-seared lobster claw and sausage with lobster jus, langoustine roll and pickles, followed by slow-cooked shoulder blade collar with pork sauce, pineapple and apple chutney, baked onion and ginger pumpkin puree, that wowed the judges.

Andy Choy Kyai Tuck from Beijing was first runner-up with US$2,000 for his starter of Hokkaido scallops carpaccio, French langoustine, oyster cream, truffle and hazelnut vinaigrette, and main course of Canadian pork shoulder blade crepinette, French langoustine, truffle potato puree and bonne jus.

Finally Steve Noor Azlal Ariffin from Malaysia was second runner-up, winning US$1,500 for his slow-cooked lobster with asparagus and Cointreau glaze, followed by Pure South lamb hind shanks with salted egg and truffle.

All chefs who took part – not only the ultimate winners – produced some simply stunning culinary creations on the day and were a credit to themselves and their countries.