A Delicious Journey of Chocolate Discovery

Patisserie genius Stéphane Leroux leads a joint Puratos and Angliss chocolate demonstration

A group of Hong Kong and Macau hospitality professionals were recently invited to join a delicious and creative food journey, “Be Inspired by The Art of Chocolate”, led by one of the world’s greatest chocolatiers, Stéphane Leroux, M.O.F., Technical Director of Puratos Group.

Hosted by Puratos Hong Kong and Angliss Hong Kong at Puratos Asia Development Centre, Chef Stéphane created two pralines and a classic French entremet, while demonstrating various advanced techniques for making chocolate decorations.

Chef Stéphane is also the author of the highly acclaimed Bleu Chocolat, a collaboration with Belcolade, Puratos’ authentic Belgian chocolate brand, showcasing over 100 examples of his artistic chocolate that replicate elements and materials including marble, concrete, slate and porcelain with stunning realism, exclusively using Puratos chocolate. As well as an inspiring reference guide, it includes a step-by-step guide for chocolate and pastry professionals to create their own masterpieces.

The highlight of the demonstration was a creation adapted from Bleu Chocolat, inspired by his trip to Hong Kong to create his vision for the future: The Panorama Showpiece. From his love of all things associated with water, he especially appreciates the balletic movement of the stingray. But instead of creating just one chocolate stingray he created 12, to bring to life the grace and elegance of a school of stingrays in motion. Everyone attending was enthralled by Chef Stéphane’s showpiece, and the unique culinary art movement he has pioneered.

Just like the title of his book, Chef Stephane’s vision is for a “blue ocean” where there are no boundaries to of creativity, and all you need is respect for chocolate, and the world of art can flow like a stingray gliding through the ocean.

Belcolade chocolate is made from carefully selected cocoa beans, using solely pure cocoa butter and pure, natural vanilla, and exclusively manufactured in the Erembodegem plant in Belgium, according to the traditional Belgian production process.