A Sweet Finish to a Historic Evening

While the farewell party held recently at legendary The Excelsior, Hong Kong before it closed was tinged with melancholy, Angliss Hong Kong managed to raise spirits with some stunning chocolate creations

After 47 years The Excelsior, Hong Kong recently closed its doors to make way for a 26-floor prestige office block. However, the grand old lady, scene of countless nights of glitz and glamour, wasn’t going to go without one last soiree, in the form of an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed farewell party.

With a long history of working together, Angliss Hong Kong was keen to show its support for The Excelsior, and how the relationship has been built on far more than just business. It was invited to make a contribution to the party, and Kevin Chiu, Technical Advisor- Confectionery with Angliss Hong Kong, didn’t disappoint.

Kevin created three spectacular art pieces on the closing event’s theme, crafted with hundreds of kilos of the finest chocolate from Belcolade of Puratos. Planned over three months, with the actual work taking three weeks, the labour of love was part engineering, part art and part confectionery.

Chocolate had to be adapted into multiple forms for various purposes, with some moulds having to be created. Blocks of chocolate were hand-carved and hand-moulded before they were all individually painted before final assembly. The chocolate wall required particularly high levels of logistical planning due to its sheer size and the Chef’s refusal to use any artificial elements to hold the chocolate pieces together while suspended from the wall itself.

Following the Alice in Wonderland theme, the three pieces included a caterpillar on a giant mushroom for the dessert buffet table, which at 1.2 metres tall, used 100kg of chocolate. The second piece was the impressive “Chocolate Wall Gallery”, five metres long and 2.3 metres high, using 280kg of chocolate, and the largest chocolate showpiece ever made at The Excelsior. It included picture frames featuring several themes celebrating The Excelsior, with numbers representing its opening date and years of service.

“Rabbit on the Throne Cake” was the final piece, which at 1.4 metres high and over half a metres in diameter, weighing more than 130kg, was the largest cake ever made at The Excelsior. The cake pictured the White Rabbit having stolen the crown and sceptre from the Queen of Hearts, and was paraded with much fanfare throughout the Café on The First, with diners following its path like a parade all the way to the Throne Room.

But Kevin had even more sweet surprises for guests. When the cake was opened, treasures came spilling out, including silver candy balls, golden hazelnut chocolate balls and cookies bearing the logos of The Excelsior, Hong Kong and Angliss Hong Kong, to represent the great relationship shared between the two companies.

Everybody queued up for a slice of the magic and a memory to live on forever.