Angliss Discovery 2017

Angliss Discovery 2017 offered an exciting day of food and beverage events, demonstrations and culinary competitions

The largest ever number of Angliss Hong Kong producers and suppliers from around the world, plus Angliss’ own newly established RTE (ready-to-eat) division, its Beverages division and Natural & Organic Global subsidiary showcased their gourmet foods and beverage products at Angliss Discovery 2017 at InterContinental Hong Kong on June 1.

The event attracted more than 2,000 influential visitors from the international culinary industry, including chefs, hotel managers, food and beverage directors, operators of bars and restaurants, entrepreneurs, merchandisers, buyers and many more.

Angliss Discovery 2017 also provided an opportunity to celebrate Angliss HK’s 70th anniversary along with stakeholders and partners, marking the seven decades during which the company has evolved into one of the most dynamic and innovative food and beverage suppliers in the world.

The company’s success was evident in the attendance of the suppliers, business partners, clients and employees present on the day to support Angliss Discovery 2017. Subsidiary companies including Angliss HK, Gourmet Cuisine HK, PastryGlobal, Him Kee, Natural & Organic Global, Miumi International Food and others were provided an unrivalled opportunity to showcase their high quality and innovative international food and beverage offerings.

The food range covered many different country regions and saw the event space divided the hall into different country zones, including Australia & New Zealand, USA & Canada, Europe, Asia and others. With this year’s event theme of ‘Angliss Culinary Adventure’, guests were invited to go on an ‘Angliss Journey’ and experience an adventure tour while discovering more about the company. The aim was to take visitors to different culinary corners of the word where they could taste delicious and innovative food and beverages.

Also taking place as part of Angliss Discovery 2017 were exciting culinary competitions, including Angliss Discovery Culinary Tournament Asia and Anchor Food Professionals Pizza Challenge. Leading international chefs demonstrated their skill, while exchanging techniques and experience.

Mr. Johnny Kang, Regional Managing Director – Asia of Angliss Hong Kong Food Service Ltd., concluded Angliss Discovery 2017 with a speech to thank guests, suppliers and Angliss staff.