Food Service

Our Food Service Sales Division serves food and beverage outlets of different sizes and natures, including hotels, restaurants, clubs, airline caterers, institutional catering, theme parks and others.

Drawing on the expertise of our sales force and close partnership with our global branded suppliers, we are committed to providing a diverse food supply platform and excellent customer services for our customers constantly.


With great support from our procurement team, Angliss enjoys relationships with most of our local wholesalers, with a focus on wholesalers to high-end restaurants and hotels. We supply a wide range of their daily needs, including frozen & chilled meats, dry groceries and daily products.

Bulk Sales

Our Bulk Sales clients come from our reseller, wholesaler, wet market retailer and frozen food supermarket networks. Products we provide through this channel include meat, seafood, vegetables, dairy products and fine food items. We service patients of Hong Kong’s Hospital Authority, and even clients in South China, whom we assist in consolidating food supply requirements. Regional delivery is done via containers.

Casual Dining, Bars & Pubs

Our casual dining, bar and pub team serves over 1,000 clients from moderately priced, casual dining eateries. Casual dining restaurants comprise a market segment of fast food establishments, hot pot chains, Chinese teashops and oriental restaurants (e.g. Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese).


Our key retail customers include Park n Shop, Wellcome, Jusco, CitySuper, Yata, Sogo and CRC Vanguard. We supply chilled & frozen meats, dairy products and baking ingredients to both supermarkets and individual retail outlets. This includes our key brands such as Kobe, Alliance Pure South, Savoury Choice, Cedar River Farms, Anchor, Chesdale, Mainland, Perfect Italiano, Anlene, Laughing Cow, De Cecco and Bob’s Red Mill.

Pastry & Confectionery

Our sales channel covers key fast food chains, bakery chains, individual general bakery & pastry shops, dessert & ice-cream shops, DIY retail workshops and pizza outlets. We currently supply bakery and pastry ingredients, including branded agency products (e.g. Anchor, Rich’s, Puratos, Bob’s Red Mill) as well as house-branded “Mayfair” OEM products supplied from overseas factories. We are constantly exploring ways to get our high quality products to market, through our professional sales force, organising product demonstrations and events supported by our principals to increase brand awareness and image building.